Dale H. Keiter founded Management Affiliates in 1985.  The firm was created to help companies understand and leverage the importance of the "organization - individual" interplay.  A person can be very talented, but not have the right makeup to optimally contribute in a given environment.  The same person can thrive in a different company if the fit is right.  Sometimes we help the company clarify expectations.  Other times we help the company attend to the chemistry of a work group.  The power of the environmental influences on an individual or team's behavior is the foundation of most of the firm's work.
Clients have ranged in size from mid-sized privately held companies to Fortune 50's.  Assignments span the globe, though most eminate from the United States. We have worked in most major business sectors including services, consumer products, manufacturing, and transportation.  Many of the client relationships are long term and some can be measured in decades.